The Great Outdoors

Due to a teething fever of 100.4 on Monday afternoon, sweet Evie got herself and her brother kicked out of daycare for 48 hours (per the new COVID guidelines for daycares in our state). In an effort to get the munchkins out of the house (and ready for naptime) I brought them to the park … Continue reading The Great Outdoors

My Wild One

There's something raw about having children that no one ever warns you about. People will tell you that you won't sleep for the next twenty years and you won't be able to go to the restroom by yourself ever again. You'll be warned about how much food toddlers and teenagers consume and how much pee … Continue reading My Wild One

Just a lot

I yelled at Lee this morning. I had Evie on my hip, a spare change of clothes for Lee’s cubby in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other and my purse and work bag on my shoulder. Evie and I were standing in front of the door, waiting on Lee so that we … Continue reading Just a lot

What a Wednesday

I love my job. But, some mornings, I feel like I'm making a choice and it isn't an easy one. Every single working parent alive has felt this way, so I know that I'm not alone. But that doesn't make it sting any less. Normally, when I drop my kids off at school, they both … Continue reading What a Wednesday

9 Months of Evie

Evie is 9 months old now. Though, actually, she is closer to 10 months at this point. A friend of mine came into my workplace last week and mentioned that I would be planning a first birthday party soon. The tears were stinging my eyes before I realized they were there. My Evie. My sweet … Continue reading 9 Months of Evie

One-man swat team

Kids. They keep you on your toes, don't they? Lee is in a little phase right now where he is afraid of everything. He heard a sound in the bathroom last night and wouldn't go in until D went and checked it out. He randomly tells me that there are monsters in his closet, behind … Continue reading One-man swat team