Talking to a toddler (Pt. 3)

D, Lee and I are sitting on his bed after story time. Lee: My teacher was being silly today. Me: What do you mean bud? Lee: She put me in time outtttt. Me: Uh-Oh, what did you do? Lee: Nothing really. I just threw a bulldozer at Caysen. It hit him in the head, but … Continue reading Talking to a toddler (Pt. 3)

My three humans

My husband. The man I never saw coming. My Lee. My first baby. The boy I begged God for. The boy who stared straight into my eyes after I brought him into the world. The boy who fills my world with Disney songs and Transformer fight sequences. The boy whose sweet tooth is as deep … Continue reading My three humans

Taco… Wednesday??!

For the first time since February, we brought our children into a restaurant. While navigating the bumpy and pitted road that has been parenting during a worldwide pandemic thus far, D and I have gone out of our way not to bring our children into public places. The weekend before last was their first time … Continue reading Taco… Wednesday??!

I’m a cool mom

So.... I work. I work my happy little butt off. And my husband still brings home more bacon than me. Rightfully so.Everything that man calculates, he does in his head, standing on the side of a busy highway, cars zooming past him, while arguing with someone else who thinks they know better than he does. Every decision … Continue reading I’m a cool mom


As we were walking up the sidewalk towards the front door of the kids Daycare this morning, my kids were on a whole other level of crazy. Evie was holding my hand and trying to keep up with her brother, who was a few steps ahead of us. A Daycare Dad, Will, had just walked … Continue reading A LITTLE CRAZY

The Crazy Days

I know, I know.. it's been a while. But ya'll, I'm tired. Evie is absolutely crazy right now. In the mornings before school and in the afternoons until dinner is served she wants to be on your hip. Lee is going through some type of regression (probably because of Evie) and has just completely lost … Continue reading The Crazy Days