15 months and fabulous

Evie is at that fun age where it seems like we are at the doctors office every few months just to keep her properly vaccinated. It literally seems as if they are due for one or two shots every three months from the time your child is born until they hit 2. Not that I'm … Continue reading 15 months and fabulous

Decade Roundup

"I have another friend who has a Video Blog and she did a decade roundup, you should do one of those!" said my only friend who gives me blog post ideas. I mean, I don't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, but sure, let's see how this goes. 2010: Junior in high school, I … Continue reading Decade Roundup

Midnight Musings

(**UPDATE 11/22: It was just a bout of food poisoning. Back to normal now!) I'm tired, I'm so tired. Its 1:30 A.M. and I'm sitting on my bathroom floor, waiting to see if I am about to get sick again. I've been here for a while. Trying not to make too much noise, trying not … Continue reading Midnight Musings