Sliding Through June

With Lee’s T-Ball season officially coming to a close, our nights have finally freed up again. Which is something I thought I would be excited about.

However, instead, I find myself a bit torn up about it. I really loved watching him play.

I loved his excitement for the game and his dedication to the team. He never missed a practice or game, nor did he want to. I was, and am, very proud of how he conducted his little self.

He was the definition of a team player, supporting his teammates through their ups and downs.

He was a good sport, always willing to help a member of the opposing team back to their feet.

He didn’t appreciate his teammates laying on the field or piling onto one another trying to get the ball.. this exasperated him. Quite a few times he could be heard yelling, “Guys, this isn’t football! Get up!”

Towards the end of the season, he watched the movie “Chicken Little” and discovered the art of the baseball slide. Once he realized how fun it was, there was no turning back for him. He no longer ran to the bases, he slid slid into them.

And we CANNOT forget to mention, his #1 fan…

She held onto his equipment until he was ready for it at every practice and patted him on the back when it was time to pack it in. Armed with her red ICEE and pink Minnie Mouse folding chair, little sister Evie never missed an opportunity to cheer Lee on from the sidelines (or con people into taking her to the concession stand).

xxx A


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