Eavesdropping At The Barbershop

I have had the same hairdress for about 14 years now. Some visits we chat, most visits I just relax and let her do her thing.

My son, however, takes a slightly different approach. It is what one might refer to as interrogational.

Yesterday afternoon, I ran Lee into town for a quick trim. Once he was called back and positioned atop his booster in the chair, he began his work. And I sat close enough to listen in!

Lee (L) / Hairdresser (H)

L: Why is your hair red like that?

H: I dye it this color, do you like it? Would you ever dye your hair?

L: I mean my hair is supposed to be brown soooo

H: Yeah, my hair is supposed to be brown too but I like to make it vibrant.

L: That’s weird, but cool for you.

H: **chuckles** So Lee, how old are you? 4? 5?

L: Well obviously I’m 4 because I’m not a big kid yet, but I’m almost 5 and then I’ll be a big kid.

H: Almost 5? When is your birthday?

L: January 4th, so, I mean, it’s like next week.

H: Oh okay. I went to big kid school with your mom, did you know that?

L: How old are you?

H: 29

L: Well my Mom is 28 so I don’t think you went to school with her.

H: I did go to school with her, I’m just a little bit older.

L: Did you ride a white bus without seatbelts? Because last week I went to Vacation Bible School and the bus that picked us up was white and didn’t have seatbelts.

H: The bus I rode was yellow, but it didn’t have seatbelts either.

L: Hmm, that’s also weird. So anyway, do you have any kids?

H: I do, I have two little girls.

L: I have a little girl too. Her name is Evie. She’s at home with my Dad.

H: Oh yeah, what are they up to?

L: Probably watching BabyShark and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That’s my favorite sandwich. Evie likes it too. She’s little though and I’m bigger than her.

H: I bet she looks up to you.

L: Well yeah, yes ma’am, she does because.. you know.. I’m actually bigger than her.

H: Acutally, huh?

L: Yeah. Hey, what are you doing back there?

H: I’m using this blowdryer to get the hair that I cut off of your neck so that it isn’t itchy.

L: It’s nice. It feels like a warm towel.

H: Does it?

L: I mean, I think so. Do you like warm towels?

H: Who doesn’t?

L: What?

H: What?

L: So anyways..

H: What do you want to be when you grow up, Lee?

L: A big kid.

H: Most of the men I know are big kids.

L: Well, yeah. Do you like “Ben 10”? It’s my new favorite show. I watched it this morning when it was my turn but then my Daddy made me change it to something for Evie so that she could have a turn. She wanted to watch “Muppet Babies,” which is a baby show but I also like to watch it sometimes.

H: Both of those shows are pretty cool I think.

L: We’re gonna have spaghetti for dinner.

H: Oh?

L: Yep. Are you done back there?

H: I sure am, you’re all finished. What do you think?

L: Oh yeah, I look good. Thanks for the haircut!

xxx A


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