She’s two! She’s two!

It feels like just last week, I was big pregnant with Evie and lying on the couch with Lee, with his head on my belly. I remember getting tickled because he suddenly sat bolt upright and told me that he could feel her moving.

“Well, why don’t you tell her to come on out, then?” I asked him.

And, in the sweetest voice, he started singing, “Come out Evie girl. Come outttt Evie girllll!”

Here we are, April 30, 2021 – – and that little bean that once grew in my belly is rocking our world with all of her wonderful 2 year old craziness.

Wow fam, Evie is TWO…

Lee remains her favorite person. I hope this never changes. She forgives him quickly and will often give him love when he’s upset about doing something that hurt HER.

Her Daddy runs a close second, unless he tells her “no” or is making her use her manners, then she comes running to Momma and tells me how mean he is. “Daddy told girl say pwease,” she said just last night. “Yes, you have to tell Daddy please when you want something,” I’ll tell her. And then she will bury her face in my shoulder and pout until she thinks we’ve forgotten that she still has to say please.

She is sassy. So, so sassy. She knows how she wants her hair and what color ponytail and clip she wants at all times. If you put the wrong color in, or do a hairstyle she is not in the mood for, she will pull it out, and ask you to do it again. And so help me if you give her pizza or chicken nuggets without cutting them up first. She knows that you know better!

She’s obsessed with blueberries. Sometimes I pretend that we have run out because I just know the next diaper change will be… rough.

When going to either set of grandparents house, she gets ridiculously giddy. The very second she realizes we’re going to one of their houses, she will start screaming their names. Along with her Aunts names. This baby loves her Aunts! They are both a touch more put together than I am, and I love watching her look at their hair and nails, they both always have painted nails and Evie LOVES painted nails.

“Grandpa, Nana! Grandpa, Nana! Boo? Boo here? Grandpa, Nana!!” (Boo is Aunt Hannah)

“Mamaw, Papaw! Mamaw, Papaw! Lee, it’s MamawPapaw!! Noonie here?” (Noonie is Aunt Dakota)

She’s spoiled by her Uncles too, the girl has fantastic Uncles. But it is fairly obvious that she has ALL of them wrapped around her finger and she refuses to ask for them by name. But once she sees them, she will grab them by the hand, and pull them in to do her bidding.

She loves to help, but on her own terms. She will make sure you know if you are not doing something the way that she thinks they should be done. While she lets D feed the dogs his own way, she always corrects me. She must bring me their bowls one at a time and will critique how much food I put in each bowl. Then she will stand over them and tell them to eat all the while with her hands on her hips, often shaking her head at them.

She also likes to help fold and put away laundry. She scoops up a handful of clothes and towels and runs full speed to put the entirety of what she is carrying into the first open drawer that she can find. D opened his drawer of shorts a bit ago to find dish towels, Lee’s boxers, and a handful of Evie’s socks sitting atop his clothes.

The thing about her that tickles us the most lately, is her inability to leave the house without packing a bag. Yes, you read that correctly, she packs a bag. Going to school? Packs a bag. Going to the grocery store? Packs a bag. Going to sit on the porch? Packs a bag. And someone gave her a miniature car seat for her baby dolls for Christmas that she has recently re-discovered, so that comes everywhere too. Her bag must contain, at minimum: baby Yoda, Ta-Ta (pink dog from Blues Clues), her juice cup, a baby doll, a bottle for the baby doll, and her blanket. Sometimes she adds to this, but these six items are essential!

Happy Birthday to our girl!!

xxx A

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