Crazy little thing called love

We’re rolling right on over to Valentine’s Day folks, and you know what that means.. it’s time to get sappy. If you’re not feeling it, I got you, just scroll to the bottom, soak up a few recent pics of the kiddos, and see yourself out!

But 2021 marks ten years of D and I living this crazy game of life side by side. Not married, mind you, but together. Instead of me boring you with how much I like him and how cute I think he is.. how about a little questionnaire?

He has, reluctantly, agreed to take part.

  • A – Who made the first move?
    • A – You, obviously. I’m a lady.
    • D – No, you did. Wait.. like physical move or like move move?
    • A – What?
    • D – Sure, whatever you said. We’ll go with your answer.
  • A – Who starts the most arguments?
    • D – You.
    • A – I’m sorry that I have so many opinions.
    • D – Here we go.
  • A – Who is always late?
    • D – Neither.
  • A – Who says sorry first?
    • D – You.
    • A – True.
    • D – It’s annoying.
    • A – You’re annoying.
    • D – Agree to disagree. Next question. Did you make up these questions?
    • A – It’s a couples quiz I found on Pinterest. I skipped over the juicy ones.
    • D – How kind of you.
  • A – Who is more stubborn?
    • D – (laughing) Flip a coin.
  • A – Who eats more?
    • D – Me. Wait.. do you mean quantity? Or like.. different foods in general? Me, let’s go with me.
  • A – Who is better at buying gifts?
    • D – You. You don’t let me buy gifts. You buy me good gifts.
    • A – I don’t not let you buy gifts, you just procrastinate.
    • D – Right, sure.
  • A – Who remembers important dates?
    • D – I wouldn’t say that either of us forget important dates, but I might have an edge over you in the general sense. Because I like history more than you.
    • A – History? What are you talking about?
    • D – You know nothing.
  • A – Who is more organized?
    • D – In what respect? You see, these are multi-stage questions. They’re all circumstantial. I mean, I know where all of my stuff is. I don’t know where the hell any of your stuff is.
    • A – You mad boo?
    • D – Just admit that you move things constantly and for no reason.
    • A – Agree to disagree.
  • A – Who is the better cook?
    • D – You. I only cook like three things.
    • A – Aww.. you make a mean hamburger steak.
    • D – Girl stop.
  • A – Who spends more money?
    • D – Ohhh that’s tough. I buy fewer things that are more expensive and you buy more things that are less expensive. It’s probably both of us, our most expensive expenses are bills and all of those are in both of our names.
    • A – That was a very clever answer.
  • A – Who is more social?
    • D – When pressed or in general? I don’t know. Do we like people? Depends on the day. Are we going somewhere? Depends on who all will be there. Like I said, these are all circumstantial questions.
  • If you had a fancy boat and you had to name it after me, what would you name it?
    • D – What kind of boat?
    • A – A fancy boat, like a yacht.
    • D – Well, let me stop you right there. I wouldn’t have a yacht.
    • A – Okay, just a nice boat then. Like a nice duck hunting boat.
    • D – Who names their hunting boat? Let me think about it. (Never answered).

xxx A


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