Talking to a toddler (Pt. 3)

D, Lee and I are sitting on his bed after story time.

Lee: My teacher was being silly today.

Me: What do you mean bud?

Lee: She put me in time outtttt.

Me: Uh-Oh, what did you do?

Lee: Nothing really. I just threw a bulldozer at Caysen. It hit him in the head, but he only cried for a little bit.

Lee: Hey Dad, knock knock.

D: Who’s there?

Lee: Under

D: Under…. who?

Lee: UnderWEAR! **smacks D’s behind**

Lee & Evie are sitting on the couch watching Scooby Doo.

Lee: Hey Evie, I really love you.

Evie: Thank you.

Lee: But you better stop eating all of my Cheeto’s you stinker! (And then he pushed her off of the couch).

Early one morning, I’m in the bathroom blow drying my hair and Lee walks in..

Lee: Mom, oh my goodness, you have to hurry up! (He walks out of the bathroom, returns with a pair of my flats).

Lee: Here Mom, pick your foot up, let’s get these on you. We have to go get Evie or she isn’t going to see the wax monster on Scooby-Doo.

Me: What?

Lee: I’m watching the Scooby-Doo with the wax monster and it’s Evie’s favorite! Hurry up, please!

Me: Are you rushing me?

Lee: Of course I am! We have to get Evie, let’s go!

In the car, on our way to Daycare one morning, Lee is talking loudly in the backseat. I pause the radio..

Me: What did you say baby?

Lee: Oh my gosh Mom, please don’t pause my music.

Me: Excuse me? I thought you were trying to tell me something.

Lee: I was talking to Evie. Mom, look, it makes me really, really sad when you pause my songs. But it’s okay. Just don’t do it.

On Election Day, Lee insisted on coming to the polls with me to “help”. We check-in, get my ballot, and go behind a screen.

Lee: Wow Mom, you are doing such a great job staying in the lines (he gestures to an oval I have filled in on the ballot). When I get big like you, I’m going to color in the lines good like that.

Me: Thanks bud.

Lee: You got this mom, only a couple more to go (we finish up, feed our ballot to the machine and head for the door).

Lee: (Turns back towards the line of people) Fill in your circles really good friends, you got this!

xxx A


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