My three humans

My husband.

The man I never saw coming.

My Lee.

My first baby.

The boy I begged God for.

The boy who stared straight into my eyes after I brought him into the world.

The boy who fills my world with Disney songs and Transformer fight sequences.

The boy whose sweet tooth is as deep as mine.

The boy whose heart is more genuine than anyone else I know.

The boy who always has a kiss ready for anyone that needs it.

My Evie.

My sweet, baby girl.

The girl who surprised me.

The girl who layed her head on my chest and went to sleep after I brought her into the world.

The girl who loves everyone so deeply, she can never bear to be told she’s done something wrong.

The girl who wants to snuggle when she’s sleepy.

The girl who is as mischievous as her Daddy.

The girl who gives out her love only when she knows you need it most.

xxx A


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