For my sister

My baby sister got married this past Saturday.

For whatever reason (ha!), my emotions were running high when it came time for me to toast the bride and groom. As my voice caught and I started stumbling over my words, I cut it short.

But, Dakota, this is what I wanted to say:

“The love that you immediately have for your siblings is a special kind of love. Nothing they ever say or do can affect the love that you have for them. At times, we can be angry with each other (like when you would always steal my clothes) and at times we can disagree, not quite seeing eye to eye (like when you told me you didn’t like the guy I was dating before D). But what has always remained between the two of us, has been our undeniable, unconditional, love for one another.

And knowing that one day you would choose someone to spend the rest of your life with, all I wanted for you was to have someone who loved you like I do.

I’m not going to lie, when you first started dating and I began meeting your boyfriends, I was a little nervous. But then, 14 years after I had first seen his cute little face, Austin re-emerged onto the scene.

And, almost immediately, I knew you were in good hands. As the months and years passed and I got to watch you two grow together, I knew, without a doubt, that the love he had for you was undeniable and unconditional. I couldn’t be more grateful that you have him for your forever.”

I was honored to stand beside you on your wedding day, you were absolutely stunning – – inside and out.

xxx A


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