Take me away… to a green island!

I have become obsessed with the color green. I want it everywhere in our house. Everywhere…..


Let me start by saying, I love our kitchen. There are countertops as far as the eye can see.


But, in recent weeks, the island has started to bother me.

There’s just so much darkness. Black and brown, black and brown. When we purchased our house, it came with a black GE appliance package. We tried to substitute the black for stainless steel, but it would have been a bit more money, and put us over our budget. We made the responsible decision to keep the black. As this is our forever home, at some point we will need to update appliances anyway. AND THEN, I can have my stainless.

Anyway, back to the island. It needed to change. And it needed to change… drastically.

I went on a blog surf and found Marian. She runs the blog missmustardseed.com. I love pretty much everything she does. But then, I saw her kitchen. And more importantly, I saw her kitchen island…

(Photos sourced from missmustardseed.com).

Isn’t it stunning?!? She even posted the formula for the exact paint that she used to get that shade of green. I became a bit obsessed. After making sure my Mom and Mother-In-Law saw the beauty that I saw, I confronted my husband with the idea. I was met with, “Sure babe, do whatever you want to do. Go crazy”.

That was all I needed to hear.

I went to our local Ace Hardware store and showed the sweet man at the paint counter my formula photo and walked out with painters tape, two small rollers, a brush, and a gallon of heaven.

Once back home, I started to doubt myself. D suggested I paint our china cabinet first, to make absolutely sure I loved the color as much as I thought I did before putting it on a much more permanent fixture in the house.

This was the result:


I mean, wow. Am I right or am I right?

A few weeks later, I woke up armed with the courage to tackle the island. D and my Father-In-Law were out back working on their current project, a tool shed, Evie had gone down for an early nap, and Lee was at my side.

We started by taping off the bottom of the laminate countertop and floor at the base of the island. Then, we took off the cabinet and drawer doors. Once they were off, we took the hardware off of them and lined the inside of the cabinets with more tape.

Finally, it was go time.

Now, when I’m working on a project, I tend to get a little excited and forget to take too many pictures, so for that, I apologize.

But, I did take a few along the way!

Above (left), we have the cabinet doors with their first coat of paint. Above (right), we have the cabinet side of the island, also with its first coat of paint.

And now, drumroll please…. THE END RESULT:



Isn’t she stunning? It is the perfect amount of color for the room. To finish the project, D is going to install a butcher block countertop with enough of an overhang to push a few stools underneath. I can hardly wait!

I would like to thank my Mom and Mother-In-Law for their support in my endeavor. My Father-In-Law for keeping my husband outside all day and far away from me so that I didn’t get sidetracked. My beautiful daughter Evie, for taking two very long naps. And my right hand man Lee, for offering constant encouragement (“You got this Mom! I know you can do this Mom! I love it so much Mom!”) throughout the project and for spilling paint for me along the way (it’s good luck in our house).


xxx A


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