Groceries, groceries, groceries

Lee Thomas has not been to the grocery store since March. And my boy LOVES the grocery store. Or, “the blue store,” as he calls it.

This morning, with D already gone for work and Evie still snoozing, I plopped down on the couch beside Lee with my laptop and started building a grocery pick-up order. He looked away from Foghorn Leghorn and, seeing my screen, got super excited.

“Wanna help me fill our cart?” I asked him.

He was nodding before I finished asking the question, jabbing at my screen.

“Mom, you know what we need really bad? More gummies,” he began.

“They have a box of 10 and a box of 40, which do you think?” I asked.

“Probably 2,” he told me.

“2 of the 10 or 2 of the 40?”


(We settled on one box of 40).

“How about pizza? We don’t have any pizza,” he told me.

“We have a pizza in the freezer,” I reminded him.

“That’s right. I’m so crazy, ain’t I Mom? Okay, let’s think really hard. How about macaroni and cheese?”

“Good thought bud. We’ll stock up, a pack of 5 boxes should hold us for a while. How about hamburger meat, I believe we’re out.”

“No, we don’t need no hamburger meat, but we do need hot dogs. And probably some more ketchup too. And probably some more Cheeto’s too. And I think Evie needs some more of her baby Cheeto’s.”

“Got it, got it. Good thoughts, bud!” I told him as I continued filling our cart.

“And I really need some Paw Patrol yogurt too, please Mom. Can I please have some more Paw Patrol yogurt? And some straws because I have to drink it with a straw. But just blue straws. I don’t want any straws but the blue ones. And I think maybe…. hmm.. maybe I need two more tacos.”

“Tacos?” I asked, curious how we made the leap from yogurt to tacos.

“Yes, please. I need one of the crunchy ones and one of the soft ones.”

“We’re good on tortillas, but I’ll grab some more shells,” I reassured him. “What about Daddy, does he need anything?”

“Oh Daddy! That’s right. He needs some more chips, probably the orange bag, and some more juice. Oh! And I think maybe he needs more of his snacks.”

“What kind of snacks?”

“I don’t know, the kind he’s always eating from the drawer. And I think maybe that’s it,” he answered.

“So, we need gummies, hotdogs, ketchup, Cheeto’s for you and Evie, Paw Patrol yogurt, blue straws, two tacos — one crunchy and one soft — and then an orange bag of chips, juice and snacks for Dad. Can you think of anything else?” I asked.

“Nope, we’re good. Oh mom, that’s gonna be so yummy. I’m so excited!! I can’t wait for my new yogurts and blue straws!!”


Who would have thought that placing a grocery order could be so much fun?

Also, side note, I happened to take two gorgeous photos of Evie last night as we sat on the front porch watching the rain. Check em out!


xxx A







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