As we were walking up the sidewalk towards the front door of the kids Daycare this morning, my kids were on a whole other level of crazy.

Evie was holding my hand and trying to keep up with her brother, who was a few steps ahead of us. A Daycare Dad, Will, had just walked out of the front door of the school, and was walking down the path towards us.

Lee jumped into his path, hands on his hips, head tilted up to him, and exclaimed “Hey there, mister!”

And then, before I had a chance to register what he was about to do,  I saw Lee’s elbow cock back and watched him sock the man right above his knee.

“Lee!” we both said in unison (mine in frustration, Will’s in a laugh). I dropped Evie’s hand to snatch Lee back when I saw Will leaning down, fists closed, and lightly tap Lee’s leg before they both started chuckling. Jokingly clutching their legs where the other had just hit them.

To my left, Evie was bent over with both of her hands on her thighs, laughing hysterically at the situation.

Even a teacher on the path a few feet behind us was laughing.

These kids, ya’ll.

What is it about children that brings out the best in people?

I so often find myself smiling and laughing at children (not that you can see it through my mask these days) that I pass by in stores and at work and yes, at the kids Daycare.

They really are a light in a dark world.

….even if they are a little crazy.



xxx A


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