The Crazy Days

I know, I know.. it’s been a while. But ya’ll, I’m tired.

Evie is absolutely crazy right now. In the mornings before school and in the afternoons until dinner is served she wants to be on your hip.

Lee is going through some type of regression (probably because of Evie) and has just completely lost his mind. Oh, and he has started asking “Why?” to literally everything D or I say.

A typical week day for about a month now goes a little something like this..

Anytime between 1 – 4 A.M. – Lee climbs into bed with us.

From the time Lee climbs into bed with us until D’s alarm goes off at 5 A.M., Lee is constantly leaning on me and pushing against me until I’m taking up about 6 inches on the side of the bed, about to fall out. I can move him onto D, or push him over, but he always backs that booty right back into me and just keeps edging me closer and closer to the floor.

5:30 A.M. – D convinces Lee and I both to exit the bed.

5:30 – 6 A.M. – I get ready. D gets Lee ready and takes care of the dogs. Lee never leaves his side, asking him why he is doing every thing that he does.

6 – 6:10 A.M. – I emerge. Lee is giving D his fifth or sixth good-bye hug. I get Evie out of her crib, D comes to her room to tell us good-bye. Lee is hot on his heels demanding he get more hugs.

6:15 A.M. – Evie sits in my lap drinking a sippy cup of milk. Lee asks for either juice or a “hot cup of milk”. We watch cartoons while they take turns pushing each other on to and off of my lap. Whining and swiping at each other in sleepy aggression.


6:40 A.M. – I load Evie into the car. Lee stands on the porch, in front of the door, demanding to be carried to the car like Evie. Sometimes I do, but sometimes I make him walk (resulting in water works). Once he is physically inside of the car, more convincing is needed to actually get him into his seat because he is too busy talking and can’t get into his seat while he is talking.

6:40 A.M. – 7 A.M. – The ride to daycare. Lee demands that I sing. Lee demands that I change the radio station. Lee rolls his window down. Lee rolls his window up. Lee drops a toy. Lee demands that I pull over and get his toy. I don’t. Lee cries. Lee tells me that I’m mean. Evie stares at Lee. Lee apologizes to me. Lee demands that I sing.

7 A.M. – Daycare drop off.

**** Fast Forward ****

4:30 P.M. – Daycare pick-up. Once loaded into the car, Lee asks for a snack and a cold cup of juice. Lee gets annoyed that though I usually have a snack, I do not have a cold cup of juice. Lee rolls his window down and yells to his friends. Lee asks to take “the highway” home. Lee cries when we don’t take the highway home.

4:50 P.M. – “Home Sweet Home,” Lee announces when we pull into the driveway.

5 – 6 P.M. – Lee wants to play and watch cartoons with us. Evie wants to be in someone’s arms. You can sit on the floor with her while she plays, but don’t you even think about standing up. Some days we get lucky and she will want to play with Lee. That usually results with her trying to attack Lee, Lee reacting a bit too aggressively, and at some point both of them will cry.

6 P.M. – Evie gets HANGRY. She wants whoever is cooking to hold her. Or she will sit at your feet and cry. Unless you give her milk. If you give her milk, she will alternate between crying and drinking her milk until you finish. Lee wants to know why you are cooking. Lee wants to know why he can see clouds in the sky. Lee wants to know why Evie is upset. Lee wants to know why your favorite color is green. Lee wants to know why today is Thursday, etc.


6:30 P.M. – Silence from Evie as she devours whatever you put on her tray. Compromise/arguing/threatening Lee to eat his food. Though randomly (and especially if we are having tacos) he cleans his plate without a word. Sometimes pleasant conversation can happen, if we’re lucky.

6:50 – 8 P.M. – Baths. Chill time. Then, miraculously, everyone is happy. Evie wants to play. Lee wants to play. We usually get some pretty good snuggles between body slams from both children. It is, most definitely, my favorite time of each and every day.

We know that they are both going through their own separate little phases right now and at some point, they will both snap out of them.

Everything is fine, life is good, and we are so, so grateful that we get to be parents to Lee and Evie. But we are just plain tired right now, much like everybody else trying to feel their way through this crazy year.

Thank the good Lord above for Aunts and Grandparents who are always willing to give us a bit of time to breathe and re-group. I’m not quite sure we could make it without their support.

xxx A




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