The Great Outdoors

Due to a teething fever of 100.4 on Monday afternoon, sweet Evie got herself and her brother kicked out of daycare for 48 hours (per the new COVID guidelines for daycares in our state). In an effort to get the munchkins out of the house (and ready for naptime) I brought them to the park around 9/9:30 each day.

Also due to COVID guidelines, playground equipment in our city is not available for public use at this time.

So, we went to the park in town that doesn’t have any and instead has walking trails, sculptures, and a lake with plenty of ducks to watch.

These trips were the highlight of Lee’s two days at home, as he is extremely sociable and does not like to be cooped up in the house with only Evie and I for company.

As a man who enjoys eating at restaurants, picking out his own snacks at the grocery store, and accompanying Dad and Grandpa to the hardware store, the past few months have been really rough on him.

Here are just a few of the exchanges that Lee had during our two park trips:

Lee: “Hi ma’am, is that a baby in your stroller?”

Woman: It is.

Lee: “I have a baby in our stroller too. Her name is Evie and she’s one. How big is your baby?”

Woman: He is two years old, thank you for asking.

Lee: “Yep!”

Lee: (Talking to a lady walking alongside a boy on a bike) “Are you that kids Mommy?”

Woman: I am.

Lee: “Can I talk to him?”

Woman: Sure honey, go ahead.

Lee: “Hey, can I borrow your bike for just a second? I need to go fast.”

Lee: “Mom, look at me, I’m a robot!” **runs off in front of us on the trail**

Me: Little robot, slow down, you’re going too fast!

Lee: “I’m going soooooo fast Mom!!!”

Random Child talking to his Dad as they walk alongside us: Woah, did you see how fast that robot was going???

Lee: “Hi friend!” **waving profusely at a boy his age**

**boy just stares at Lee**

Lee: “Friend, I said hello to you. So you have to say hello to me too.”

Lee: (to me): “Well I guess he’s not very nice.”

Lee: (to two men jogging past us) “What are you guys doing?”

Man: We’re running little dude.

Lee: “Wow, you guys are going so fast. Probably because of your shoes. Those are some fast shoes. Mom, I need shoes like that!!”

Lee: “I have to go climb that rock and jump off of it.”

Me: Why?

Lee: “Because I have to, Mom. I’m the King of the world.”

Lee: “I’m the King of the wooooorllddddd!!!” **yelling from atop various rocks**

Lee: “Am I going back to school tomorrow or Wednesday?”

Me: Tomorrow is Wednesday. You’re going back on Thursday.

Lee: “Mom, please. That’s not right.”

And a bonus, from the McDonald’s drive-thru – –

We placed our order and then pulled up to pay. It was so beautiful outside, we had all of our windows down to enjoy it. As soon as we pull up to pay – –

Lee: “Ma’am, I need extra ketchup and apples please.”

Lady: Okay baby, I got you.

Lee: (suddenly very serious) “EXTRA. KETCHUP. PLEASE.”

Lady: I got you baby, it’s coming.

Lee: “And don’t forget my chicken nuggs, please. I have to have my chicken nuggs.”

Lady: Yes sir, anything else?

Lee: “Please don’t forget my extra ketchup!”



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