Happy birthday to babe!

Happy Birthday to babe! Happy Birthday to babe! Happy Birthday to baaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbeeeeee… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BABE!

In honor of D’s 28th birthday, here are a few fun facts you might want to know about the man who has chosen, of his own free will, to be married to me for eternity:

  1. He is the biggest nerd I have ever met. Like he can explain to you why you are feeling that tiny, little bump when you first start over that certain bridge and why that is wrong and what, exactly, the contractor did wrong and why or why not they have to go back and fix it.
  2. He reacts calmly in stressful situations. Instead of decking someone, he takes a deep breath. I’ve always admired that because I find that it is incredibly rare in men.
  3. The amount of research he puts into a product before actually purchasing it is unlike anything I have ever seen before in my life. I’m talking watching YouTube videos and reading consumer reviews for weeks.
  4. When we first met, he had zero facial hair. Now he has an incredible beard. It’s brown, red, blonde, just magnificent. The kids will lay on his chest and gently scratch it. I’m not quite sure how they’ll react if he ever shaves it off.
  5. The first thing I noticed about him were his eyes.
  6. The second were his forearms. He has always had the most incredible forearms. So strong. My Mother-In-Law reads this, so I won’t be gross, but damn.. those forearms.
  7. He is kind. He never talks down to anyone. If you aren’t following what he is explaining, which I’m often not, he gives enough background information to help you understand. Without sounding condescending.
  8. Sometimes he just thinks funny things and starts chuckling uncontrollably. You actually have to wait on him to calm down so that he can share what the hell he’s thinking about.
  9. He is incredibly loyal to the people he cares about. He will pick on you to your face, but defend you to the death behind your back.
  10. He didn’t think that I liked him the night we met. Ludicrous.
  11. For 28, the man has accomplished quite a bit. Though he’ll likely never mention it. He joined the military and graduated from Basic Training and Airborne School. He started college pursuing one degree, before admirably switching to one that fit him much better after three semesters, though none of the classes he already worked hard to complete would matter anymore (basically starting all over). Meanwhile, he also served a six-year contract with the National Guard. And married me. And had our first child. All the while, holding down one, and sometimes two, part-time jobs until he graduated. Then, he landed a cushy job working as an Engineer in the Transportation field.
  12. While quite a few couples in our generation agree that their marriage comes before their children, he never has. He has always said (since Lee was born) that the children come first. I agree 100%.
  13. He never missed a single prenatal appointment for either child. To the dismay of my Mother, who was always dying to go in his place.
  14. His PATIENCE! The man has a plethora of patience.
  15. Having Evie softened him in the most special way. He tells her how beautiful she is every single day and cherishes the time he spends with her in the mornings while I get ready for work…. (even if he still can’t manage to get her hair in a ponytail hahahaha). The unconditional love he has for Lee, Evie, and I is overwhelming. He is the best father my children could possibly have.

We love you, D! Happy Birthday!

xxx A


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