9 Months of Evie

Evie is 9 months old now. Though, actually, she is closer to 10 months at this point.

A friend of mine came into my workplace last week and mentioned that I would be planning a first birthday party soon. The tears were stinging my eyes before I realized they were there.

My Evie. My sweet Evie.

She grew in my belly and made her presence known to me before two pink lines would show up on a test. I felt her. I felt that sweet tinge deep inside and I knew. I knew my girl was in there.

Watching Evie grow is wonderful and bittersweet all at the same time. I want her to get bigger and more vocal so that I can get more glimpses of her demeanor and personality. I want to know who my girl is going to be. But then, at the same time, tossing onesies into a near full storage container in her closet because they won’t button over her anymore sends a pang straight to my heart.

I look at Lee and cannot believe that he is 3 years old. He has been mine for three whole years and it flew past me far too quickly. I picked his long sleeping body up off of the couch to carry to bed the other night and D had to reach out to steady me. Sometimes when he’s sleeping (and when he’s not) I just have to kiss his entire face. I have to memorize it with something other than my eyes because I know that tomorrow it will be different. It will be older. And I can’t help but do the same to Evie.

And here we are, nearly ten months after bringing her into the world, Evie is making me feel the exact same way. How has she been mine for so long? I remember having her so clearly, it feels like it was last week. I feel like I will never have enough time with either of them.

Anyway, on to the less sappy part.

Evie has 3 teeth now. Her favorite foods are Apple Cinnamon puffs (though she will devour any flavor) and Eggo Waffles. She is at that wonderfully delicious chunky stage that is probably my favorite.

They somehow feel so much less fragile at this stage

She is still taking bottles, but loves to eat baby food at meal times. If not a waffle, baby food for sure. Recently we have been working on taking a sippy cup, but I think she likes to chew on it more than anything at this point.

She gets very irritated when her hair is in her face, so we do our best to keep it out of her eyes. She usually either has a headband or a top knot. And the occasional tiny bow barrette. The top knot is definitely her favorite though, she likes that hair completely out of her way!

Lee is still her favorite person in the entire world, though she does get excited when she sees either set of grandparents. Her legs start kicking a hundred miles per hour and she lunges for them.

She can definitely walk, but she is afraid to. She will let go of what she’s holding, take a step, look to see who is watching, and then plop down on her bottom.

Evie is… calculating. She will crawl over to something of Lee’s and pull herself up on it, then turn to check and see if anyone is about to tell her “No!”.

Surprisingly enough, she seems to already understand the word.

One of my favorite things that she does is something she does to Lee. If she wants to play with him and he isn’t paying attention to her, she does this little power stance thing. She stands right beside or right in front of him and stares at him until he acknowledges her. I get so tickled.

She absolutely hates baths right now. Which is.. not fun. She screams and flails and GIRL IS STRONG.

She knows some sign language from school, which is fun. But other than that, the main thing she says is, “Dadada dadada dadadada,” over and over and over again. Following one of my many attempts for her to say “Mama” over the weekend, I’m about 80% sure she said it once. D even agreed with me that he heard it too (though he may have only said that out of pity).

We can’t wait to see what she does next!

P.S. Please see video below for her “dinosaur” noises.

xxx A


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