Decade Roundup

“I have another friend who has a Video Blog and she did a decade roundup, you should do one of those!” said my only friend who gives me blog post ideas. I mean, I don’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday, but sure, let’s see how this goes.

2010: Junior in high school, I believe. I was answering phones at my Mom’s office, had just started running a register at Square Books, and thought I was really cool cruising around town in my Jeep Patriot.

2011: Student Council President, Editor of the school newspaper and just working at the bookstore now, I think..? Graduated. Had to lead the pledge at Graduation. Thought my Mom might faint at the sight of me speaking at Graduation. Wasn’t Valedictorian though, sorry Mom. Started at Ole Miss. Moved out of my Parent’s house. Tried my hand at dating. Had my first real heartbreak, ugh. Tragic. Met D.

2012: Still at Ole Miss. D is still obsessed with me, geez. Got my Sophie girl (half dachshund, half chihuahua)! My little brother picked her out for me. Lost my little brother.

2013: Started working at a bank part time. Still at Ole Miss. D is still following me around. Went to the beach with my Mom & Sister. Sophie and I moved in with D. We adopted Henry (chocolate labrador). On Christmas morning, D literally threw a ring at me, he called it a proposal. Now, I’m engaged.

2014: Planned a wedding (thanks Momma & Heidi-Momma). Got Married. Started working at the bank full time, switched to online and night classes. D got a new truck. I really loved that truck.

2015: Graduated with my Bachelor’s. Got Promoted at work. Moved into my Great-Uncle’s old house on my family’s farm. Tried to keep it from falling in. Still not living in a house with central heat and air. Bought ferns for our front porch, seemed like the adult thing to do. My little sister graduated from high school!

2016: My niece was born. We adopted Bear (half Golden, half Lab). Found out I was pregnant (finally)! Got Promoted at work. Got fat. Lost D’s grandfather. Also lost a dear, dear family friend.

2017: Lee joined us!! Soooo many firsts with our Lee-Man! It was snowing when we brought him home from the hospital. My parents celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Traded in my Patriot for a Grand Cherokee. My favorite brother-in-law got MARRIED! D graduated, got a kick ass job. We lost Henry.

2018: Lee turned 1. I don’t even know what else happened because every memory I have is Lee. Had house plans drawn up. OH! Found out I was pregnant again. Was genuinely shocked. Recycled house plans, started looking into Modular houses, time was of the essence now. D got a new truck.

2019: Lee turned 2. Omg, got SO FAT! Evie joined us (suddenly)! We got Lee potty trained! Bought a Modular house, got it set up. D still likes me (I asked). I turned 27. My sister got engaged. Lee and Evie are inseparable and a lot of TROUBLE. I can’t remember the last time I slept past 4. Evie has two teeth and is crawling. Help me, I’m tired.

2020: Obviously, this hasn’t happened yet. But, I hope my babies are healthy. I hope they’re happy. Evie will be walking, and then.. Lord help us! And I hope D continues to stick around, because, I don’t know, I kinda like him.

xxx A


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