Ladies and Gentlemen..

We have a three year old!

Lee turned three on Saturday. This is a fact. This is a fact that I did not accept until a few days later. How could he be three? How is that possible?

My little nugget.

The itty bitty seven pound and thirteen ounce baby man I met on a freezing cold January morning in 2017.

The little guy who was so anxious to enter this world, he broke my water ten days before his due date.

The baby man who tilted his head up to me and stared into my eyes minutes after he was born.

The precious child who told anyone who would listen that he had a baby sister on the way and that he already loved her so much.

The sweet brother who welcomed his little sister into his family with open arms and only ever wants to play with and check on her.

On the drive to Daycare this morning, Lee was in the back seat “talking to Evie”, which means they were making baby noises back and forth and he was acting like he could understand what she was saying.

He looked over at me and said, “Mom (*pause*) Mom (*pause*) Mom (*pause*) Mom (*pause*) MOMMMMMMYYYY! I’m trying to ask you a question.”

“What, baby?” I said, glancing at him in the mirror.

“Do you know that I’m the best?” he asked, giggling.

And he is. He is the best.

He’s funny. He’s loving. He’s sweet. He’s kind. He always has a smile and a kiss ready for his sister. He is completely obsessed with his Daddy and wants to do whatever D is doing. He loves helping his Grandpa and Nana take care of their horses and pups. He loves to go to his Papaw and Mamaw’s house to raid their snack drawer and honk the horn in their boat. I’m pretty sure he likes his Aunts and Uncles more than he likes us, because he is constantly asking where they are and what they’re doing.

He has your typical toddler moments, tantrums, and breakdowns, of course. But he loves so openly and cares so genuinely. He truly is the best.

He is the coolest little guy I know and I couldn’t feel more grateful to get to be his Mom.

Love you kiddo!

xxxx A


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