Let’s hear it for the Dads

We need to give Dads more credit.

The good Dads.

The hands on Dads.

The Dads who get in there and change the diaper.

The Dads who nudge you out of the way and take over the dishes.

I was standing in the front hallway of the kids daycare this morning, quite possibly asleep on my feet. I had just given Lee his third good-bye hug and was waiting (out of sight from him) to see whether or not three would be enough for the day.

After about 30 seconds, I turned and walked towards the sign-in sheet to scribble my initials. The Dad of one of Lee’s best friends was close on my heels, also trying to see if he was clear for exit.

I picked up the pen on the counter and stared at the sign-in sheet.

“Tough morning?” he quipped, politely, from behind me.

“My husband usually handles the mornings. All I have to do is get them here safely. He went hunting this morning, so I woke up to two dogs, two kids, and no coffee,” I said to him.

He chuckled and said, “Girl don’t feel bad, I’m trying to remember if I put underwear on my boy or if I need to go grab the spare pair I keep in the truck.”

We exchanged smiles, nods, and then I got out of his way.

Moms like to act like they do everything. And in some cases, I’m sure that they do. And in other households, they might. But not in mine.

In my household, we like to say everything is split 100/100. Not 50/50, not 70/30, but 100/100. If I don’t do it, he’ll do it. If he doesn’t do it, I’ll do it. If I need help, I tell him, and he helps. And vice versa. It’s simple.

So many people get caught up in what the woman’s job is and what the man’s job is. No, no, no. You see something that needs to be done, you do it. Don’t walk past the dishes because “that’s her job”. Don’t leave that garbage can full because “that’s his responsibility”. Come on ya’ll, we’re almost in 2020 and I have a friend whose husband won’t change diapers.

We all need help sometimes. And Lee, Evie, and I need D. He’s our rock. He keeps us calm. One look from him can silence any storm. Unless it’s directed at him (I didn’t say we were perfect) ha!

We need someone who will point out to us when we’re wrong and tell us when we should apologize. Lee and I are a bit hotheaded (hopefully Evie will take more after her Daddy in this regard) and we need someone by our side who can balance us out. Or talk us back into our senses.

We need someone who can take one look at us and then just hold his arms open until we give in to the hug we needed. Sometimes the only thing that will calm Evie down is a big hug from her Daddy.

And for the love of all things good in the world, we need someone who will wake up in the morning and make coffee, or in Lee’s case, a hot cup of milk.

So thanks for all you do D! We love you and we appreciate you!

P.S. Is duck season over yet???



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