Thanksgiving Week in review

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Actually, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Here are a few of the highlights:

1. New carseats!! Lee got a new carseat and Evie inherited Lee’s old carseat in each vehicle. We had quite the operation going on. Also, on the same day, we had gravel delivered and D made a nice little driveway for us.

2. Gigi (D’s grandmother) came in from Louisiana and Uncle Martin-Conner (actually two separate humans) came in from Colorado for the holiday!!

3. We celebrated three birthdays: My Dad, My Father-In-Law, and my Mother-In-Law. Lee was thrilled with the amount of cake that kept coming his way.

4. D got a big hug from Bear.

5. Evie was attacked by the tickle monster and Lee had some fun with Snapchat filters.

6. Evie napped ever so cutely while Lee cheated at the game “Let’s go Fishing”.

7. Before our big Thanksgiving meal at the Ducote house, D attempted to calm the kids down by reading to them. Didn’t work.

8. On the way home from our big Thanksgiving meal….


10. I believe it is safe to say that by Sunday night, everyone was positively exhausted. Even Bear.

We hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving as well!!

xxx A


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