Midnight Musings

(**UPDATE 11/22: It was just a bout of food poisoning. Back to normal now!)

I’m tired, I’m so tired. Its 1:30 A.M. and I’m sitting on my bathroom floor, waiting to see if I am about to get sick again. I’ve been here for a while. Trying not to make too much noise, trying not to have a pity party. Taking deep breaths and typing this to try and distract myself. Early yesterday morning, around 2 A.M., Lee crawled into bed with us. He snuggled me so sweetly until he fell back asleep, and then he rolled over. His sweet face was on his Daddy’s pillow, and his legs were in my back. Just kicking. Constantly kicking. I can’t tell you how many times I re-positioned him in vain. Needless to say, I never got back to sleep.

And here I am now. 1:34 A.M., on the bathroom floor. I know that the first thing my husband is going to say when he sees my face in the morning is, “No way in hell you’re going to work today,”. But, the thing is, if I can just stop getting sick, I’m gonna go. I took the week of Thanksgiving off to spend some one-on-one time with him. We are never alone anymore and he’s my best friend, I miss him. So, yeah, I’m going to work. All I can think about is the list of things I need to get done before the clock strikes 5 P.M. on Friday afternoon.

Why am I sick to my stomach? Don’t know. What did I eat yesterday? A grilled chicken sandwich for lunch. D made breakfast for dinner and I was feeling a little off then so I only ate a biscuit and scrambled eggs. The chicken sandwich. It had to be the chicken sandwich. Or is it a bug? Maybe one of the kiddos gave me something?

1:40 A.M. — Sick again. Can’t imagine anything is left in there now. We must be coming to the end. Scrolling through the pics on my phone from the past week now. Evie is trying so hard to walk. She is OVER crawling. She will pull herself up and grab onto your hands, wanting you to help her walk around the house. I got a pic of her and D from earlier this week doing just that.

We have this cute little Little Tikes playhouse-like thing that we got Lee for his 1st birthday. We brought it out of the attic for Evie to play with and she loves it as much as he did. Her favorite thing to do is pull herself up on it and make little screeching noises.

AND LEE! Oh, my sweet Lee. The toddler buttheadedness is really starting to kick in with him here lately. Man is he mean sometimes! But then, immediately after, soo sooo sweet. We went to Huddle House this past weekend and he asked for his own waffle, he didn’t want to share with me or D. I took the best pic of him chowing down. It’s probably my new favorite picture of him.

Also this past weekend, we went over to D’s parents house and hung out for a good bit. Lee loves to “help” his grandparents feed the horses and bring them in for the night.

1:55 A.M. — Haven’t gotten sick again. Stomach is quieting down. No longer queasy. No longer in pain. Thinking I’ll give it another few minutes to be sure it’s over with.

Let’s see… ahh yes! I have the cutest picture of Lee and Evie in the bath (they much prefer to take one together). I was telling them to look at me and smile…but, you know how that goes.

What else do I have in here? Hmm.. Oh! A glamour shot of Evie that D took! Just absolutely gorgeous…

As well as a picture of D and Lee looking through the kitchen window for ducks. We have a little pond that you can see from there and they are always over there with their binoculars trying to find ducks or deer. I’m slightly worried that one day I’ll walk into the kitchen to catch them with a gun hanging out the window… surely not, though… right?

They are so very much alike, these two boys of mine. They think alike, they act alike, it’s really fun to watch — most of the time.

Last night, D was cooking dinner and Lee walked up behind him with one of his little plastic golf clubs and said, “Dad! Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

D turned around, got down on his level, and responded, “I don’t know son, what are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking about my golf ball, IT’S GONE!”

Which made both of them crack up uncontrollably.

Anyway, I think I might be out of the woods now. Hopefully for good..?

Wish me luck!



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