Our life lately

Lee has been potty training since this past Saturday.

Evie has decided she no longer requires sleep.

The crews working on our house are at a stand still due to all of the rain.

BUT Lee only had two accidents at school yesterday.

AND Evie rolled over for the first time yesterday afternoon.

AND the sun came out this morning.

We initially started the potty training process with Lee right after his second birthday (in January). He was all about it for about 3 days and then he was over it. We’ve had him in pull-ups ever since. It was towards the end of my pregnancy with Evie and we were overwhelmed with life…

Where are we going to physically put another baby?

We have to buy a house.

We have to build a house.

How are we going to afford our student loan payments, two car notes, two daycare bills, insurance, utilities, a mortgage, and feed everyone?

But then, in the midst of it all, we got some pretty good advice that hit hard.

From D’s family – “At the end of the day, you still have your little family. You’ll figure the rest of it out.”

From my family – “Every one is broke, that’s part of being an adult. People with a lot less have managed a lot more.”

They are both absolutely right.

We both have college degrees, we both have stable jobs that we enjoy, we have two beautiful, healthy babies, and we love each other. If we can’t figure it out, we’re doing something wrong. So, we figured it out.

Back to the fun stuff….

Potty training Lee. We decided we were going to hit the ground running last weekend. We woke him up, put him in “big boy” underwear, brought his potty into the living room, and asked him every 20 minutes if he had to go potty.

I discovered 2 things that day:

1. My son is a liar.

2. Cleaning up pee really isn’t that bad.

He surprised us both by waking up with dry pants Sunday morning and going straight to the potty. We decided to take a chance and bring him along to pick up our grocery order and he stayed dry the entire time! We did stop at McDonald’s and I ran him in to potty on the way there, but other than that.. DRY PANTS! He continued to do well until we got to D’s parents house for dinner, where he had one more accident (that my Mother-In-Law cleaned up).

AND THEN we began wearing undies to daycare. It has only been a few days, but he has only had two accidents each day thus far.

Yesterday morning, I was unpacking Evie’s things into her school cubby when Lee came running in from his classroom holding himself and yelling, “I gotta go Mommy, I gotta go now. Mommy help, I gotta go now!!” I scooped him up and ran (he had actually run past the bathroom on his way to find me). Fast. We made it to the potty and got his pants down right as he started going. The knowing smiles and giggles from the parents and teachers witnessing this event was actually comforting.

Upon returning to Evie’s classroom, one Dad patted my shoulder reassuringly (though he was giggling). And then on my way out the door another Mom came over and told me she found that her boys took a lot longer than her girls to figure it out, but he would still get it, nonetheless. Just in his own time.

Too cool for school.

On Monday night, it took forever to get Evie to fall asleep. She finally did, but was up again soon after. Waking Lee up as well.

D got Evie back to sleep and I took Lee back to his room, where he just could not fall back asleep.

We returned to our room and crawled into bed with D, who was up with Evie once more. Evie had just taken a bottle and was refusing to close her eyes. I had my arms and legs around Lee, trying to keep him from fidgeting so that he could fall asleep.

To no avail.

After an hour, D and I switched kids. Eventually, we all fell back asleep.

I woke up with a start and looked over at the clock, which was blinking. The power had gone out at some point and we had overslept.

It was 6 A.M.

I shook D awake and we kicked into high gear, still managing to get everyone, everywhere, on time.

Two wild and crazy tots.
Rolling, rolling, rolling!! Listen for Lee cheering her on in the background.

On the house front, we are making progress. Though we really wanted to build our dream house, it just wasn’t feasible. Instead, we worked with a Modular housing company out of Arkansas, and purchased a unit from them. Crews came out to complete site work and pour a foundation. The house itself was delivered to our site in three separate units and a separate crew came out to put it on its foundation and get it “in the dry”. We are at the stage now where we are in the dry, but waiting on other crews to make their way to us.

We currently still need:

a treatment plant installed (whenever the rain stops, maybe today..?),

a water line run (we can’t do this until the treatment plant is installed),

a power line run (our local power company has already started work),

the masonry crew to come out (they will brick the chimney, front steps and underpinning),

and the interior finishing crew to come out (they need power and water in order to do their work).

Front, side view. Chimney and siding not yet finished.
Front view (through my dirty windshield).
Front porch.
Living room.
Mi amor (kitchen).

xxx A


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