The final countdown

Well, Evelyn Hopkins Ducote, the time has come.

We have hit Month No. 9 of our pregnancy and though I have enjoyed having you close to my heart for the past 36 weeks, I am ready for you to make your grand entrance. Our lovely doctor has checked you thoroughly and has assured your Daddy and I that you are ready for this world.

So, why, my dear, are you still hanging out in Momma’s tummy?

We watched you “practicing” your breathing and those lungs of yours look like they’ll allow you to blow the house down. We have seen a head FULL of hair and I am dying to know what color it is.

Evie at 29 weeks (attempting to hide her face with her arm).
Evie at 32 weeks.

And that pout! Oh sweet baby, you have your brother’s pout and I CANNOT wait to see the two of you side by side, making the same face at me.

The signature Ducote “pout face”.

Though we haven’t officially met, I know that you will be a force. You are going to come into this world swinging and you will not stop until the end of your days. You know what you want and you will not settle for anything less. You are going to have your Daddy so completely wrapped around your finger, he won’t know what to do with himself (and he will likely never admit it). Every single time he lays a hand on you, you relax, you freeze, you cease kicking your (unfortunately) short Momma in the ribs.

His ability to calm you mirrors his ability to calm me and I am so grateful that you will have him guiding you. I can be a bit of a hothead and I feel like you will be too – – so, trust me, we need him!

You have made every single complaint I had while carrying your big brother seem absolutely ridiculous and completely minuscule…

  • From the day I found out I was pregnant with Lee until the day that I brought him into this world, I gained 28 pounds.
  • My feet began to swell slightly only in the last few days of my pregnancy.
  • I was only nauseous for the first trimester and after that he let me eat anything and everything I wanted (except for the occasional spicy meal).

…and while I could never blame or resent you for how arduous my pregnancy with you has been, I will likely never let you forget it.

I will NEVER say out loud the amount of weight I have gained while carrying you. And your Daddy has been sworn to secrecy, so don’t even think of asking him. I have been swollen for the past two weeks and nothing I do seems to relieve any of it. Last night I had to use Dawn to take my wedding rings off and this morning, they refused to go back on. My calves are huge, my ankles are nonexistent, and my feet are just… well, we won’t talk about my feet.

Evie (currently).

And the nausea! Child, for a few months I thought you might be trying to kill me. Prescription medication on a daily basis was the only thing that ever made you consider cutting me some slack.

My co-workers have began to comment on my “waddling” and complain about the thermostat being permanently set on 68.

So, while I am by no means rushing you, I am asking you very nicely to not make me wait another month to meet you. How about next week? Are you free next week? Your Papaw says there will be a full moon on Good Friday (the 19th), do you think you could pencil me in?

Please Evie – – as soon as you are ready, so are we!


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  1. hensleyhouse says:

    Love you


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