And then three became four

I’m pregnant!


We prayed and we prayed and we prayed for Lee. We tried everything we could think of. If you’ve read my post about PCOS, you know exactly what we went through. And for some unknown reason, other than God himself putting a hand on my shoulder, we have conceived a child without the help of medicine and, well, in all honesty, without even trying.

At the end of August, while transitioning Lee into his toddler bed, there was about a week where we got little to no sleep. And when I don’t sleep, I really don’t function. And when I really don’t function… I don’t take my medicine.

Needless to say, I quickly realized that something was different and that something was going on with my body that was.. familiar, but not the norm.

One week before my missed period, I knew I was pregnant. D told me I was being paranoid and that I should just wait. Well, I did no such thing.

I drove to Walgreens and bought four pregnancy tests. All were negative.

At this point, even though it was sooner than a pregnancy test should detect an LH surge, I started to doubt myself. I chalked it all up to wishful thinking. “There’s just no way, ” I kept telling myself.

At my six week postnatal check-up with my doctor (after having Lee), he told me that it was possible that my hormones could do crazy things and that D and I should be careful, just in case Lee had “re-wired” me.

Well, one week later, Aunt Flo had yet to make her appearance and I bought some more tests.

And these were all positive.

On September 20th, we went in for my six week appointment and the second I saw the baby on the Ultrasound screen, I just knew is was a girl. I remember turning to D and saying, “There’s our girl!”

Needless to say, he was over the moon.

We had both of our immediate families coming over the following Saturday for my Birthday dinner and we were so excited to tell our parents that we could hardly contain ourselves. We kept meeting up in the kitchen and just giggling.

We waited as long as we could and then we changed Lee into a t-shirt with “Big Brother” across the front and sent him in.

My Mom caught it first and snatched Lee up and came over to me saying over and over, “Whose shirt is this? Is this a hand-me-down? Angela, is this a hand-me-down?” (I have an Uncle with two young boys who is constantly sending me boxes of hand-me-downs and at first she just thought it was a random shirt).


One look at my face and she knew.

Within seconds she and D’s Mom were holding hands and bouncing up and down, “We’re getting another one, we’re getting another one,” they were chanting like school girls.  Not one to be outdone, my sister was yelling over everyone, “Are you serious? Are you kidding me right now?”

(D has since informed me that in the future, we will inform everyone quietly and separately as the commotion was a bit much for him. All of a sudden his house was full of grown women crying and hugging him. Bless his heart.)

Over the next few weeks we told our closest friends and a few other choice people, but for the most part, we kept it quiet.

This past Monday was our 18 week appointment where it was absolutely, without a doubt, confirmed that baby girl was, in fact, baby girl. It was also beginning to become rather difficult for me to hide the bump that is my Daughter as she has recently decided to make herself known.

On Tuesday of this week, we bit the bullet.

We put a picture of Lee in front of our Christmas tree, holding a sonogram, on both Facebook and Instagram and oh man, did our phones explode.


My favorites, of course, were co-workers and people I see regularly demanding to know how we had kept the secret for so long.

When you feel like you’re the size of a house and that you are literally carrying a child between your knees (I’ve been reassured this is normal for a second child), it is so wonderful to hear someone say they never suspected a thing.

The most common question I have received is, “How is Lee handling the news?” I have been telling him since the day I convinced myself she was in there and his response has remained, “Yeah”.

“Lee, you are going to have a little sister!”

“Yeah,” he replies.

“Lee, there is a baby in Mommy’s tummy!!”

“Yeah,” he replies.

“Lee, come here! Feel. She’s kicking. That’s your sister in there!”

“Yeah,” he replies.

So, to answer the question, I think he is okay with it right this moment, as he is still currently ruling the roost.

Ask me around May 14th and I’m sure I’ll have a new story to tell!



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