This little light of mine

I used to think that I was destined for greatness (yes, this is embarrassing to admit). But in the beginning, didn’t we all?

Be honest. You thought you were going to change the world. Whether you were going to become an astronaut, or a policeman, or a doctor, you had big dreams.

Anyway, I have come a long way. I know that in my daily life the most I can contribute to someone else’s well-being is a smile, or a word of encouragement. I’m no Mother Theresa, but I am here and I am trying to be a positive influence on those who cross my path. Unless it’s on a weekend. Ya’ll, just let me be on the weekends.

Motherhood, however, has made me see life in a whole new way. Hear me out…

What if, maybe, just maybe, MY purpose in this life is not to be great, but to instead, create greatness?

Guess what? I have already done it. BAM! He may have taken his shirt of twice at Daycare yesterday, but that is neither here nor there.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Everyone thinks their kid is the bestsmartestwonderfulestblahblahblah,” but no. I am TELLING you. This kid is it. The definition of “greatness” is: the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent. As I watch him go about his life, I learn more and more about this tiny human and let me tell you something.. He is great. He is distinguished. And he is eminent.

Oh, you don’t believe me? Let me hit you with some cold, hard facts proving that my nearly two-year old son is great:

  1. I’ve watched him run to try to catch another child as she was falling at his Daycare. Who does that?
  2. I’ve watched him hand over his snack to his best friend, instead of eating it himself. And it was an Oreo! Lee does not play when it comes to his Oreo’s.
  3. If I am crying, he will come to me and wrap his arms around my shoulders and lay his head on my chest.
  4. He kisses every dog he meets on the mouth. I feel like this needs no further explanation.
  5. He won’t let D leave the house in the morning without a kiss and a “Love you Daddy”. D literally melts every morning. If there is anything annoying that I need him to do, I wait until Lee has done his thing and then I throw it in there real quick.
  6. He makes sure Sophie eats all of her food every morning or he won’t let her leave the room. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for dogs too!
  7. He taught a little girl how to crawl when he was in the Infant room at school. Like, he literally got down beside her and moved her arms with his to help her get started.
  8. Another Mom pulled me aside at Daycare and told me she couldn’t wait for her son to be in Lee’s class again because she just knew he would help him start walking so much better. And he did. If he sees someone struggling, especially if they are smaller than him, he steps up.
  9. He is the “gatekeeper” in his classroom. When a Parent comes in, he will wait until he gets “the nod” from his teacher and then he will open the gate to let the child out and then lock it back. How does he know which kid goes with which parent? He’s a genius, I AM TELLING YOU.
  10. He makes sure everyone who needs to feel his love, feels the full wrath of his love. I have never seen a child love as genuinely or as hard as this boy does. The song, “This Little Light of Mine,” was literally written about him.

You never truly realize the impact a child can have on your life until you are faced with one who refuses to let anyone around him be sad. He is absolutely incredible.

When I look into my sons face, I see a million possibilities.

I really cannot wait to see what all he is going to do.

Also, please see cute video below.



xxx A



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