On a Tuesday morning

D had to be at his office at 2 A.M. this morning so that he could, in turn, make it to his jobsite for a concrete pour. He has recently been put in charge of a multi-million dollar bridge project and is, obviously, taking it very seriously.

Once I’m awake, it takes me forever to get back to sleep. I never got back into a deep sleep after he left, however, I was able to cat nap for a bit.

I was a little grumpy about it and had somehow managed to also have a headache by the time I was ready for work and went to wake up Lee.

Sometimes it’s like your kids just know what you need though because he absolutely showered me with love this morning. He got out of bed and let me dress him with no fight at all. Of course he insisted on brushing his own teeth, but he did a pretty good job. Then we went to the couch to watch Mickey Mouse for about 20 minutes before we needed to leave for daycare. This boy climbed into my lap, facing the television, and put an arm back behind his head and held my shoulder. He sat, just like that, for the entire 20 minutes – – which is very unlike him. He almost never sits still (or in the same position) for long at all.


Once I had him buckled into his car seat and got myself situated, I adjusted my mirror so that I could see his face. He caught my eye and said, “Mommy love you”. I smiled at him and told him I loved him too.

We got to his school and when I pulled him out of his seat, he wrapped both chubby little arms around my neck and laid his head on my shoulder. I pulled him close, as tight as I could manage, and told him how special he is to me and how much I love being his Mommy. He thought this was funny!

When we got inside, I set him down so that he could go to his friends and waved good bye to him. I got almost to the door when I heard his little feet hitting the ground behind me. I spun around and hit my knees right as he landed a kiss on my cheek. He turned around and ran back to his friends, but I thought.. just maybe.. he might be coming back.

And he did!

I sat there, on my knees, as he ran back to me THREE more times. I got another kiss and two more hugs. He would get halfway across the room and then turn and come back to me. One of the older boys was laughing at him, but he never even checked up.

I may be starting this day out with a headache and the inability to find ENOUGH coffee in my office, but mannn my heart is full!



xxx A


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  1. Marty Ducote says:

    Keep them coming! the highlight of my day


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