Morning Troubles

When I walked into Lee’s bedroom this morning, he was standing up, leaning against the side of the crib. When he saw me, he threw his arms into the air and yelled, “Mommmmmmaaaaa!”. So, naturally, I leapt across the room in a single bound, lifted him out, and squeezed him hard against my bosom.

I had my face in his hair, taking in that heavenly baby smell, when I noticed something out of the ordinary. My stomach was warm. Very warm. And..wet..

Poor Lee-Man had peed through his overnight diaper AND his Spiderman pajamas.

“Not to worry, little guy, Momma will have you cleaned up in no time,” I assured him as I carried him to the bathroom to dip him in the tub. Once he was clean and dressed (and I had a fresh blouse on), we headed to the living room to watch a little bit of PJ Masks before it was time to leave for the day.

Though I was content to sit on the couch, Lee was full of energy. He hopped off the couch after just a few minutes of snuggle time, grabbed my hand, and pulled me in the direction of his toys.

He plopped down on the floor, motioning that I should do the same, and rolled a ball over to me.

After a few minutes, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that Bear had entered the room. Bear is a sweet, sweet, half Labrador, half Golden retriever, who adores Lee. He’s never snapped, growled, or ever done anything even slightly menacing to Lee. He typically just gives him lots and lots of kisses and sits beside him to watch him play. They have been best buds since the day we brought Lee home from the hospital.

Best Friends since the beginning!

Wellllllll, that was not the case this morning. He walks over to Lee, who is still sitting on the floor rolling the ball back and forth with me, and starts to lift his left hind leg. Once I realized what was unfolding before me, the entire sequence of events seemed to be happening in slow motion.

*****You see, when we first brought Bear into our family he was a puppy and obviously had lots of accidents, but as he has gotten older, he rarely has any at all. Though, right before we had him neutered, I remember he would pee on our poor Sophie (who is a chi-weenie) every so often, almost as if he was marking her. But puberty makes you do strange things, so we never held that against him.

At the time, I was sitting on the floor Indian-style, so the quickest way I could get to them was to come up on my knees and throw my arms out and leap in their direction. I managed to land with my hips between the two, with my booty towards Bear, right as he began to pee.

So. Here I am. It’s 6:30 in the morning and I have pee on me for the second time.

Obviously, Lee’s accident hardly bothered me at all.

Bear, on the other hand, is on my bad boy list.



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  1. Heidi says:

    Angela. You got in the way of a marking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha! You say that like you wouldn’t have done the same thing!


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