What did we do?

Last night, while having dinner with my second set of parents (my in-laws), my MIL asked a question that hit my heart. She asked,

“Oh Lee, what did we do before you?”

What did we do before Lee? We would sit around making conversation about the goings on of everyone’s lives. We would talk about new, or new to us, television shows or movies. We would listen to D ramble on about the inner-workings of the construction world. We would listen to Hannah (aka Aunt Boo) talk about her students and what all happened in her classroom that week. We would attempt (and fail) to keep track of where all my FIL had travelled. I would be racking my brain to remember something embarrassing that D had done that week to share. If you are not trying to embarrass your spouse, then what are you even doing?

What, the hell, did we do?

We did what we do now. We just did not smile quite as much. Or get interrupted quite as much. Or burst out in laughter quite as much.

This boy that I brought into the world brightens every aspect of my life. And his Dads. And everyone else special (or lucky) enough to come into contact with him.

He smiles and blows kisses to little old ladies at the grocery store. He waves and yells in the direction of little old men at the gas station.

So, here is Lee. Here is Lee making me smile. And Here is Lee making you smile.




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  1. Sadah says:

    Nicely penned.


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