A week in the life

Our life, lately, has been…..interesting.

ABC Song

Recently, I have started singing Lee the ABC song. It’s funny, actually, because he absolutely hates when I rinse the soap out of his hair in the bathtub. D discovered last week that he will usually stay somewhat calm as long as you do not get his ears wet. HOWEVER, this was not the case when D was cleaning up after dinner and I had Lee in the tub the other night. I tilted his head back, cradling the back of his head in the palm of my hand, hovering right above the water, and started rinsing. The kid was pissed. He went to flailing and screaming and just acting crazy. Sooooo, I started singing the ABC song and he stopped! He froze and stared up at me (completely calm), allowing me to finish rinsing his hair.

And then, a day or so later, on the way home from Easter Dinner with D’s family, he started singing it! Well, he started singing A-B-C-D over and over again. But still! Take a listen!






Speaking of Easter, Lee had the time of his life!


He began with an egg hunt at our house, which just wore him out! He ate a few pieces of French toast and then he just had to rest and cuddle Daddy because Daddy’s need cuddles too!

D is all about soaking up some Lee cuddles. You literally have to pry the child from D’s arms because he will not hand him over willingly. img_0777 During these Daddy cuddles, Lee passed smooth out. When he woke up, we got all dressed and spiffy and headed over to my parent’s house for lunch and egg hunt #2.

His Mamaw and Papaw had a basket full of candy and a play steam roller, which he insisted we stop everything and open so that he could play with it immediately. Even the egg hunt was temporarily put on hold for this.

Around 3, we loaded up and headed to our final stop of the day, D’s family! We walked in to egg hunt #3 (obviously!) and Lee showed off his egg finding prowess to Grandpa, Nana, and Aunt Boo. They were very impressed. He then played some music on the piano with D for everyone, tickle attacked Aunt Boo, and sat down on the stairs with Grandpa.

Lee was absolutely starved when dinner time came around and just could not wait for the ham to be ready, so he began eating asparagus. Yes, you read that right…asparagus. The kid ate 3 stalks of asparagus as his Grandpa and I watched in amusement.

And More..

First Pic: D and Lee spent a good bit of time this past weekend finishing up the mulching in our yard. Lee loves to ride on the lawn mower! He really wants to drive but he can’t seem to reach the pedal just yet. Second Pic: The Easter bunny (at our house) brought Lee some new pajamas and we wore our Spider Man ones first and loved them!!! Third Pic: On Tuesday night, Bear, our 2 year old Golden Retriever/Lab Mix became terrified during a thunderstorm. Even as a puppy, I have never even seen him cower during a storm, but last night he had to be on top of either me or Daniel or he was panicking! D thinks that maybe he was never scared before because Henry wasn’t, but now that Henry is passed, hims is afraid.

D has had quite a few proud Dad moments over the passed few days. Lee’s daycare director (who we adore, by the way) called on Monday to let me know that Lee had fallen on a toy and given himself a small (tiny, tiny, thank goodness) black eye. And then yesterday, while on the playground, hims fell again and scraped up the other side of hims face!

If you have ever been outside with this child, you know that he runs as fast and as hard as he can and he doesn’t always remember to pick his feet up. Anyway, my husband was so proud of how Lee handled his accidents, that he was almost giddy. I kept hearing him say things like, “That’s my tough boy; Here’s Daddy’s strong boy; What a brave little man you are,” etc. and kissing Lee’s boo boo’s for him. I think my mother-in-law summed up the situation perfectly when (after receiving these pics via text) she said, “This does not bode well.” Lee has no fear. None. Absolutely zero. He is literally 250% little boy.


Thanks for listening! Enjoy the rest of your week!


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