Sometimes I’m ridiculous..

Last night, D and I were sitting in bed playing Scrabble and watching our current favorite Netflix show, when Sophie jumped off the bed and took off to the living room.

…….where there is a fake, yet very pretty, large oriental rug that she loves to pee on when she thinks no one is looking. I hopped down, chased after her, scooped her up, and put she and Bear out back to potty before bedtime.

About 10-15 minutes later, I heard her scratching at the back door. I looked at D. He didn’t look up from the game. I hopped off of the bed and stomped, while clapping my hands (like a child), to the back door and let the dogs in.

“What?” D said.

“Nothing,” I replied.

“What did I do?” He asked.

“Nothing babe, youuuuu did nothing,” I shot back (perhaps with a slight tone).

And that is when it hit me……

Womennnnn! My God, we are so damn complicated, aren’t we? I was seriously angry with him because he didn’t do something, that I never even asked him to do in the first place.

Why was I so annoyed? And more importantly, why couldn’t I stop being so annoyed?

“Do you want to tell me why you’re mad at me?” He asked after about 20 minutes of me ignoring his existence.

“Why didn’t you let the dogs in?”

“I don’t like to let the dogs in when they are scratching at the door, because I don’t want them to think that that’s okay,” my cute, annoying husband responded.

And do ya know what pisses me off even more than him not being a mind reader?

Him being right about something.

So now, I’m even more angry with him. Over something he was right about and I was wrong about, that he did not do because a.) he didn’t think it was a good idea and b.) because I didn’t ask him to do it.


And when I woke up this morning to him planting a kiss on my forehead and handing me a cup of coffee, I was reassured that all was forgiven and I didn’t even need to apologize.

I mean, I probably should.

And I did, with a text that said, “Hey, sorry for being crazy last night.”

But my point is, I didn’t have to. He already knew that I knew that I was being a psycho and he chose to love me anyway.

And that, my friends, is why I love my marriage. The man just gets it.

Cheers to you, D!



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