Two is always better than one

I walked into Lee’s room at 6 A.M. sharp this morning, flicked on his light, pulled an outfit out of his bureau, and turned to see this face staring at me.. img_0632-1

His mouth said nothing.

But his expression said, “Woman, get the hell out of here. Can’t you see me and my friends were enjoying the peace and quiet?”

I was surprised because he usually only has a tight hold on his Puppy (who he talks to in a high pitched voice and may or may not have named Bruce).

“Come on Lee man, let’s get a move on,” I said as he continued to stare at me, looking quite annoyed and taken aback about the mere suggestion that he exit his crib at such an ungodly hour. img_0630-2

“I have a fresh diaper and a cup of milk out here with your name on it,” I continued.

At this, he stood and walked over to the side of the crib I was leaning against, still holding his furry friends.

“Are they both coming with us this morning or do you want to leave them here to wait for you until you come back tonight?” I asked.

Annoyed with my presence and the conversation itself, he threw both stuffed animals over the side of the crib and onto the floor. All without saying a word. img_0633-1

Yes, this boy has taken after his Mother after all, it seems. We do not care to be woken before at least 8 A.M. and we absolutely hate when someone immediately begins asking us questions in the morning.

As if we woke up with all of the answers the world might need that day. Please.







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  1. Baffledmum says:

    😂 loved it! Love his attitude at such a little age. Xxx


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