Timehop, anyone?

Is anyone else obsessed with the app Timehop?

I have had it for maybe 3 years now, but only recently have I begun checking it religiously.

This morning, the first picture that came up was of  Lee. It is a black and white photo that was taken one year ago and I captioned it “2:34 A.M.” These were the early days of our life with Lee, before he began sleeping through the night.

D and I had a great system. He did better taking the 11 o’clock (P.M.) shift, and I did better taking the wee hour of the morning shift (usually around 2 or 3 o’clock A.M.). I took these moments for granted at the time, wishing that I could just get him back in his bassinet without waking him up, so that I could get back to sleep. I was exhausted and the sleepless nights seemed never ending.  But now, looking back, I would give just about anything to have him that little again and in my arms, sleeping soundly.

Who needs sleep anyway?


Via Timehop – – Lee, one month old



The second picture was of my first two babies, Sophie and Henry, taken three years ago. I actually remember taking it. I remember walking into the bedroom one afternoon and seeing them both, sound asleep, on our bed. I had gotten tickled and was giggling because it looked like they were sleeping in the shape of a heart. I climbed onto the end of the bed, slowly and carefully so that they would not feel the mattress giving way to my weight. Sophie turned her head up and opened her eyes just a slit, but did not move. She loved Henry very much, it was hard not to.

Via Timehop – – Henry & Sophie



My final picture this morning was of my younger sister and I at a local restaurant, the Sizzler, taken five years ago. She was in that stage where she had to document every moment of her life — oh to be fifteen.

I have never been a huge fan of pictures, especially pictures with my sister. She is sooo photogenic that it is annoying. You know going in to it that you are going to look like a little troll beside her, but you do it anyway. I mean – – just look at her. We have the same two parents, how did I not get more of whatever it is that she got?


Via Timehop – – My sister, Dakota & I

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