Cheese, please!

Lee is a cheese fiend.

It’s true…

Grilled cheese

Mac & cheese

Cheese slices

Cheese, cheese, cheese!!

Last night, I made him a grilled cheese sandwich and cut it in half (diagonally, of course, I’m not a monster) and brought his plate over to the coffee table to cool. He instantly hopped down from the couch, grabbed a half, and started eating it. I sat down on the couch to watch him.

He was watching Round Planet on Netflix, so, without taking his eyes off of the television, he took a step back (sandwich in hand) and started bumping against my legs with his booty. Thrilled to be a part of his dining experience, I pulled him into my lap.

Normally, at dinnertime, I feed him. It’s my thing.

But now, if he is feeding himself… what the hell am I supposed to do?


I asked D to take a short video (which he thought was hilarious, “You want me to video the boy eating a grilled cheese?”) because I find that there is something absolutely adorable about babies feeding themselves. Is that weird? Look at the cuteness!!


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