A Case of the Mondays

Alright folks, it’s Monday.

For some ridiculous reason, my husband and I decided to stop eating breakfast out every weekday morning. While for him, this is actual food… for me, it’s Starbucks. Yes, I drink a cup of coffee at home before I leave and yes, I make a pot the second I walk through the doors of my work. But Starbucks makes me happy. Is that so wrong? I’m sure you are thrilled to know that I did, in fact, survive day one – – I’m just not quite so sure about how the rest of the week will go.

I am currently sitting in the break room at work watching an episode of Love It or List It and eating what is probably the most delicious Taco Bell I’ve ever had in my life. And no, it is not those ridiculous Nacho Fry thing-y’s they keep advertising because you cannot mix it up at Taco Bell — YOU DO NOT TRY NEW THINGS THERE. Stick to your regular order. Did college teach you nothing? Do you want to spend the rest of the day on the potty? Goodness.

Here’s 8 fun things that happened this weekend:

1.   We had dinner with Friends and their 7-month-old son Friday night. I was quickly  reminded how much heavier babies feel before they start holding themselves up butttt oh man the cuteness!!!

2.   D and I came home to a smell that could only mean one thing….there was a dead rodent somewhere in the house.

3.   On Saturday morning, I found the dead rodent in question.

Behind our microwave.

It was a rat.

It was dead.

He was huge.

I only caught a glimpse of the tail before I ran for my life and called out for D to come and save us all from certain death.

4.   We got to visit with Uncle Conner from Texas/Kentucky/Oklahoma/Mississippi!    Why, dear Lord, did I not take any pictures?!

5.   We had my Momma’s birthday dinner on Saturday night and Lee tried shrimp for the first time. He loved it! He then proceeded to open all of her presents and eat her piece of cake before showing his Aunt Dakota how a Roomba works, because she was taking too long attempting to read the directions.

Before Lee had a gigantic accident that left him sans pants, he was having fun hanging out in the grandkids’ toybox.

Just hangin out!

6.   On Sunday, Lee woke up from a nap with this amazing hair…

7.   He then killed a bowl of red beans and rice that his Nana cooked for him.

8.   And finally, he thought it would be fun to drop Puffs on the floor OR stick them   in his mouth for a few seconds before trying to feed them to Aunt Boo (unfortunately for him, she caught on and only pretended to eat them).


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  1. Heidi says:

    Now THAT is funny


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