One year check-up


Last Wednesday, Lee had his one year check-up. I was super pumped about getting to spend the morning with him. As you can see below, he just wanted to sleep. He was highly annoyed when I hoisted his cute little booty out of bed.


When we arrived to the doctor’s office, he immediately set out to befriend every person in the waiting room. He began by taking my keys out of my purse and bringing them to an older gentleman seated across from us. The man smiled, thanked him, and then handed my keys back over. Lee was not having this. He was quite annoyed with the man and once again brought my keys back over to him, insisting that he hold them for a while.

During this exchange, a sweet middle-aged lady walked in with her daughter, who I would guess was age 2, we’ll call her “Jessica”.

Following closely behind them was a young couple with a little girl (also there for her one year check up), who we will call “Mia”.

Upon seeing Jessica digging through the toy box in the waiting room, Mia and Lee went over to keep her company. Jessica was so excited! She immediately went in for a hug with Mia, who recoiled. Mia took off running back over to her parents and poor Jessica turned towards her mother with eyes full of tears. After watching this little scene unfold, Lee walked over to Jessica and enveloped her in the sweetest hug (while simultaneously melting my heart). Jessica’s mom caught my eye and mouthed “thank you” but all I could manage was a smile. He is such a kind little boy and he has the most pure heart. He gives love so easily and genuinely that he is constantly catching me by surprise.

A nurse poked her head through the door and called Lee’s name and we were off to his next big adventure. He insisted on walking back through the snaking hallways to his room. While waiting for the doctor to come in, I stripped Lee down to his diaper and he thought this was funny (as he loves to be naked) and began packing up his little backpack as if he was about to head out. He zipped up the pouch where I had just stuffed his clothes and put his sippy cup in the side pocket.


All in all, it was a positive visit. He weighed 25 pounds and measured nearly 31 inches tall and is absolutely perfect in every way. While his pediatrician was listening to his heart, Lee snatched the stethoscope off of him and said, “thank you”. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh (as he was technically using his manners) or get on to him. I laughed.

But thennnnnnnnnnnnn, the final nurse came in with a handful of shots. Five shots. AND he had to have his finger pricked to make sure he is not anemic. Lord was he pissed.

To make it up to him, we sat in the parking lot for a good 10 minutes afterwards while he sat in my lap and pretended to drive the car in an effort to get his mind off of what he had just endured.




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