Lee takes on Christmas

***Late post, I know. Get off my back, geez.***

This year was, hands down, my favorite Christmas season thus far. Last year was pretty awesome because I got to watch my niece on her first Christmas morning, but I was also like eight and a half months pregnant. Soooo, ya girl was miserable. Everything was swollen, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

This year, we had Christmas with my family at my Mom’s house on Christmas Eve. Lee kept getting tripped up in all of the wrapping paper on the floor, so he ended up climbing on top of a box (which was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen).

Lee finding higher ground.


On Christmas morning, Lee woke up and wanted breakfast. And then he wanted to watch cartoons.

D, (who is a Christmas FREAK), was not having this. He picked up Lee and brought him over to the tree to show him what Santa brought him for being a good boy and what we got him to celebrate the season. When D picked up a dump truck that sings and dances and zooms across the floor on his own, Lee was 1000% into it. He was ready.

D showing Lee his presents from Santa.


His current favorite snackage are these cereal-like snacks called “Puffs”. We found a pack of 8 Puffs at Sam’s and wrapped them up for him. HE WOULD NOT PUT THESE DOWN. He was like..”What? 8 bottles of Puffs just for me? Put them in my mouth!! Mom, put them in my mouth. Dad, where is your pocket knife? Open this nowwwww..!”

I mean, he did not actually say all of this because hims is a baby, but that is definitely what he was thinking. Just look at the grip the boy has on these things.

Lee refusing to release his Puffs.


He also loved his Radio Flyer rocket car, in case anyone was wondering. I have spent at least an hour every day since the 25th of December on the floor of my kitchen while my husband and I push him back and forth between us on that bad boy.

His favorite present from Santa!


Do I regret my decision in buying this? Absolutely not! He freaking loves it. Does my back regret my decision in buying this? Hell yes. I have knots on knots on knots.

We waited until the 27th to do Christmas with D’s family because we were waiting on Martin and Conner to get in (D’s brother and brother-in-law)!! They live in Oklahoma, but were splitting their Christmas break between us in Mississippi and Conner’s family in Kentucky. They got to spend a lot of time with Lee because his daycare was closed the week of Christmas and my work was not, so Lee spent the week at D’s parents house.

He began abusing the word “this”. I am not entirely sure why, but everything is “this” now. He was totally taking advantage of his cuteness that week. He would have someone pick him up and then point all over in the direction of which he wished to be carried.

Examples & Interpretations of common Lee phrases from that week:

Phrase:        Interpretation:

“This”         “Take me to see the Christmas tree”

“This”         “Let me hold that ornament”

“This”         “Take me to see Grandma’s Nutcracker collection”

“This”        “Pretend to crunch my finger in the Nutcracker’s mouth”

But then, after said person did as Lee wished, they got insanely amazing snuggles. Lee’s Uncle Conner took an amazingly adorable pic of Uncle Martin getting some serious cuddle time in (below).

Uncle Martin cashing in on some cuddle time.

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