Birthday Party #1

Lee turned one on Thursday, January 4th.

I dropped him off at daycare and then cried during my drive from daycare to work. I was having flashbacks to laying with him on my chest right after I delivered him. I was remembering how he looked at me, his eyes were so full of love already. He was so tiny and so perfect and my heart was literally bursting. And then the hormones just took over!

He is walking all over the place and building his own little vocabulary and I am so incredibly proud that he is mine. He is truly an amazing little man.

Mamaw and Grandpa watching Lee play with his truck.


We had his birthday party on Saturday. He had quite the turn out. We served his favorite meal of hotdogs and Velveeta shells & cheese AND LEE GOT A SMASH CAKE.

(See smash cake progression below..)

Smash Cake!




“Dad, am I dreaming..?”


“Hey Grandma, look what I have!”


“Okay, get this away from me. I can’t look at it anymore.”


Watching him have as much fun as he did with his cake was amazing. Every single person in the room had a huge smile on their face; his happiness was contagious. He ate a couple handfuls, but then was just having fun destroying it.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give him a smash cake, because I have been to a few parties where the baby was not interested at all. Or worse, just started screaming! I was so relieved and so happy to see him having so much fun. (Side note: the kid loves cake as much as his Momma does).

After he finished his food and cake, we rinsed him off quickly and set him to opening presents. He was full of sugar and ready to go!

D helping Lee open a gift.


New toybox!


New Little Tikes playset!


He got a lot of really cool stuff and was completely spoiled even though Christmas was two weeks ago. This little man is surrounded by so much love and support!!


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