Here’s what my 1 year old is getting for Christmas

This past weekend D and I spent HOURS in Toys R’ Us.

Christmas shopping has always been a pretty stress-free event for us. We make a list of who all we need to buy for and then we take a day off, just the two of us, and knock it all out. Sure, there’s always one or two things that need to be ordered, but for the most part, we prefer to shop this way.

This year our Christmas shopping experience was a much different situation than we were used to or prepared for. We hit up all of our usual

Lee with his favorite stuffed animal, Puppy.

spots: Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Goods, Marshalls, Hobby Lobby, Academy Sports & Outdoors, Old Navy, and then a lap around the mall with ease.


But when we made our way in to Toys R’ Us, and the struggle bus hit us head-on…..

Our only child (currently) will be 1 on January 4th. For those of you who don’t know our son, he’s the best. He is absolutely amazing. He loves board books, his stuffed Puppy, and a few random toys. It is impossible to predict which toys he will actually play with. It does seem as if he has a handful of favorites that he always gravitates towards though.

And honestly, his favorite thing to do currently, is to get a magazine off of the coffee table and shred it……

So, of course, D and I instantly filled a cart at the toy store. Like, we literally filled it. For real. All for Lee. Pretty soon, my husband was starting to second guess something he had put in the cart. It was a walker made to look like a John Deere push lawn mower, complete with its own wrench and gas can.

Knocking all of the magazines off of the table so that he can DESTROY them.

“I mean, he’s basically walking on his own right now, and he has a walker already, so would he even want this?” D asked me. At which point I picked up a large dump truck that I had in the cart and replied, “He has a dump truck at your parents house and usually just knocks himself in the head with it a few times before moving on. Would he even want another one. One is enough, right?” We shrugged at each other in unison.


Here’s something no one tells you: Buying for babies is hard. It’s really, really hard.

We ended up walking out of the store with four toys for Lee. (And, of course, a toy that I saw for my sweet niece that I just had to get her!!)

We ended up deciding on a Radio Flyer Retro Rocket Ride On, which is possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen. It makes rocket noises, has flashing lights, and the seat pops open so that you can put toys inside. I really wanted one for myself and D may or may not have had to make me get off of the display they had set up in the store.

We also found two trucks that have buttons that make them sing, dance and take off across the room on their own. We will probably regret buying these later, but they were just too awesome to pass up. And, of course, we had to get him some more Fisher-Price Zoo Animal Friends. He almost always has one in his hand.


Other than that, we’ll stuff his stocking full of his favorite snacks and few small happy’s and call it a day.

If you have any tips or helpful advice, please drop me a comment. I’m new to being a Mom and I will take all the help I can get!


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