Baby’s 1st Thanksgiving!

As D and I begin our first round of Holidays as parents, we realize that you definitely feel MORE guilty about just doing one side of the family. You want to try to hit up both sides so that everyone can get some lovin’ time in with your little one(s).

We spent last Thanksgiving with my family, so this year was D’s family’s turn. I was hoping we would be able to swing by both, however, that just did not end up being possible. Nevertheless, Lee had an amazing 1st Thanksgiving! He ate turkey and stuffing and sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole and a bite of like 7 other casseroles AND OF COURSE DESSERT!! And by having dessert, I mean he ate my dessert. I’ve come to realize this about myself: the only person I will ever be willing to give my dessert to will have had to have come from my own womb.


****Side note: If your child is going to miss one of his SACRED designated naptimes, be prepared for the impending freak out.



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